Competitive Intelligence

The Tools of Trademark Law Also Serve Competitive Intelligence

May 24th 2010

I’m attending what is reasonably considered the largest collection of copyright and trademark lawyers in the world.? They are fantastically international; I’ve visited w/counsel from Kuala Lumpur, Taiwan, several African nations, and Ukraine.? But you know what I don’t see?? Marketers. We like marketers. They are the people with the budget that has made Google […]

Website Competitive Intelligence: Don’t Manage to Bogus Data

October 23rd 2009

How can you determine the size of a blog or website’s traffic? Finding reliable website competitive intelligence benchmarks is hugely important, and a real challenge on the web. Too often people buy-in to bogus measures. There is perhaps a false hope to find that big “standings board” similar to major league baseball.? After all, standings […]

Track Intellectual Assets to Stay Ahead of Competitors and Tomorrow’s News

May 9th 2008

The way your competitors acquire, protect, and promote their intellectual assets can inadvertently signal their next moves. Increasingly savvy marketers are following how competitors manage their intellectual assets to get a sense of what they’re preparing to do next. The intellectual assets we’re discussing here include the rights conferred by intellectual property, human knowledge secured […]

Brand Monitoring on Twitter with Tweet Scan

May 3rd 2008

Put your trademark into Tweet Scan, a real-time database of Twitter postings, and you can see what people are saying about it, or any other topic of interest. This free service provides automatic daily or weekly?summaries of up to five terms sent by email or RSS. Go ahead, see what people are talking about, it […]